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Global Entrepreneurship week


2016. november 14-19.

Entrepreneur life, building your carreer, making money: the secret of your secure future at one place! 

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Subject/title: Global Entrepreneurship Week - 2016. november 14-19.

In Budapest and 5 other big cities


Sándor Demján, Erika Kósa, Roy Zsidai, Réka Rubint, Judit Stahl, the tattoed Schef, the Mercedes, the IBM, the MKB Bank and the Hungarian National Trading House will be there!

What about you?


During the Global Entrepreneurship week you will have the possibility to participate in exclusive meetings and all kind of presentations. Famous brands and businessman will be talking about there successes and telling us their secrets how did they actually build up their successfull businesses. This is a one time possibility to meet so many millioners and businessman in one place from who everyone will be able to learn from. 


Monday: MKB digital economy day-  Are u an innovative person? Do you learn new technologies quickly? I you have all of these qualities you can learn how to take an advantage of it. If you aren’t this might be your lucky day! 


presentators:  MKB bank, Mercedes-Benz, Famous Hungarian actor Szabó Győző and Sarka Kata will also be presenting. Achilles Georgiu from the IBM will be talking about the cyber future ahead of us and that how will we be able to adopt to it.


Tuesday: Business and Carreers day-  You can learn how to make your biggest dreams come true regarding your future carreers. You should also come to this event if you’re a student and do not have any time start your own company or business. We will show you how to earn some money besides studying.


Presentators:  Sándor Demján, Erika Kósa will tell us how to take advantage of our emotional intelligence and at the same time Eric Keszthelyi the Best Young Entrepreneur of 2016 will be talking about top managing and giving advices to the participants. 


Wednesday: Gastronomic Enterprises day- A lot of people think that you can’t really make money out of a Gastro business. However we think the opposite. Imagine how many of us are looking for paleo, gluten free and sugar free products these day. Eating healthy is already one step towards your healthy lifestyle. There are many new products coming up which we would like to present you!

Have you ever heard about “kürtőskalacs” one of the most popular pastries in Hungary? The young population loves it here.


presentators: Judit Sthal, Roy Zsiday, The Tatood Shef, Reka Rubint and on top of this the representatives of Fruccola, Pad Thai Wok Bar and Paleo nasi will be with us as well.


Thursday: Kárpát- medencei Young Entrepreneurs day with the organization of the national tradesman house.  What’s the situation with the Young entrepreneurs in other part of Hungary? Do they feel the same way as you do? Or is it easier for them ? Let’s get to know Hungarians across the borders. 


Preformers: Árpád Potápi- secretary of state, responsible for national policy, Péter Skapinyecz who introduces the Hungarian National Trading House, Szabolcs Fazekas will tell you why he founded Székely Legendárium.



The participation on the event is free but registration needed ☺ 

Patrik Kovacs