Expert Seminar entitled “Financial Planning and Making the Best Use of Taxation Laws”

Dugassa Tessema... | November 23, 2016
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As part of the services of the within Cordaid’s Resilience Business Development Service (R-BDS) program, which include expert mentorship (consulting), training and coaching, the Expert Seminar, is a networking event that brings together businesses, stakeholders from state and non-state actors over a theme. The R-BDS is a business support program specifically designed to assist Small and Medium Enterprises that have outgrown start-up phase and have significant potential for growth.


The Expert Seminar entitled “financial planning and making the best use of taxation laws” was hosted by EDC. Panelists for the event were representative from the Ethiopian Revenue and Tax Authority (ERCA)- Mr. Birhanu Sisay and an independent tax consultant and an R-BDS expert mentor-Mr. Dawit Tadesse and Mr. Nahom F. Abraham- Business Development Manager at R&D Group. Guests include R-BDS client companies, partner organizations, business development service providers and other stakeholders.


Following a welcome speech by EDC’s acting director Mr. Dugassa Tesssema, Mr. Dawit presented a succinct summary of financial and tax planning concept and application and latest revisions of tax laws. His presentation was followed by question and answer session concerning taxation rules like application of withholding tax, VAT, roles and obligations of financial managers, invoicing regulations, and import related custom laws.  Mr Birhanu and Mr. Dawit provided elaborations and clarifications on the questions from participants.

The discussion continued late into afternoon following with a brief refreshment recess.

In conclusion, Mr. Nahom appreciated the keen participation of all attendees, the panelist and willingness of ERCA to extend its assistance in acquainting business on taxation laws.


November 15, 2016 from 3-6 pm


Dugassa Tessema Gerba