Seoul, South Korea to host Startup Nations Summit 2014

admininfogew | October 29, 2014
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This year’s Startup Nations Summit (SNS) (SNS) will occur at the tail end of Global Entrepreneurship Week, in Seoul, South Korea.

The event will kick off on Saturday November 22nd, with a welcome reception, and concludes on November 25th 2014. During the SNS, Seoul will be home to a unique gathering that will allow top feeders of entrepreneurial ecosystems to exchange experiences and ideas. 

During the three days of the Summit, attendees will be exposed to talks/discussions, technology demonstrations, competitions and exhibits. 

But, most importantly - the event will celebrate the rise of the era of entrepreneurial innovation. Practitioners, entrepreneurs and policymakers will explore the outpouring of innovation, dynamism and creativity that have inspired the work of 45 Countries’ Startup Nations initiatives.

The main components of this year’s SNS include:

The Summit: A meeting of Startup Nations leaders from more than 40 countries to candidly discuss the lessons learned in improving and expanding entrepreneurship startup ecosystems (by invitation only). Speakers include former Startup America Managing Director and GEW Board Member, Donna Harris; Google for Entrepreneur’s Program Manager, Bridgette Beam; and TechCrunch China’s leader Gang Lu.   

Global Conference: Open to all registered participants, the Global Conference will allow attendees to take a deep dive into startup communities in Asia, with various perspectives on the Asian entrepreneurial landscape, including from: Doug Rand, assistant director for Entrepreneurship at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; Sanqi Li, chief technology officer at Huawei; and Patrick Lee, co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes.

World Startup Competition: A competition among tech startups from 45 countries across the globe (voting closes November 14, 2014). Competitors range from a neonatal technology startup from Chile, Babybe, to an agriculture management solution, Agrivi, from Croatia.

The winning bid to host next year’s SNS will also be announced during the Summit, and Australia is hopeful to be considered as a candidate.

Hosted by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs of Korea, the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Startup Korea, the 2014 SNS marks the beginning of a new chapter for the world’s startup community.

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