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admininfogew | September 10, 2014
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Global Entrepreneurship Week continues to rapidly expand its reach into new ecosystems on every continent. Since March 2014, eight new organizations have embraced the responsibility of leading their national GEW campaigns, bringing the total number of participating countries in the growing global network to 150.

Representatives from these new GEW host organizations are eager to bring the collection of events, activities and competitions to their countries for the first time and are already busy planning for GEW 2014 which will take place November 17-23. Each of these organizations is a catalyzer and innovator within its own country and communities and will now be part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

There are also two new hosts who have stepped up to build momentum from existing GEW campaigns in Australia and Oman and take them to the next level.

Several existing GEW hosts were instrumental in the recruitment of this group, particularly St. Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods), Spain (IESE Business School) and Saudi Arabia (Qotuf).

The new host organizations are:

Coworking Andorra 

Last March, Felip Gallardo cofounded Andorra’s first coworking space. Its aim was to encourage Andorrans to believe in their entrepreneurial potential and help them unleash it. They have designed a special program for startups and established entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Gallardo has a radio program on the National Radio where he invites local entrepreneurs to share their stories. He is also organizing TEDxAndorralaVella for the sixth time this year.

The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA)

The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) is a not-for-profit organization founded to support and promote the active participation of young people in enterprise. The ENYA believes that not only does youth enterprise impact employment, but it also creates business acumen, workplace opportunities and financial independence.

The ENYA is delighted to be the new host for GEW Australia and looks forward to exchanging ideas on how they can work with the ecosystem to grow the global entrepreneurship movement together. You can partner with GEW Australia by clicking here.

Business Builders Global Business

Builders Global provides consulting services through various media outlets to inform, educate and encourage entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence by helping founders and their organizations fulfill their potential.

Tenmou - The Bahrain Business Angels Holding Company

Tenmou is Bahrain’s first Business Angels Company, providing both mentorship and capital to high-potential and innovative Bahraini entrepreneurs from the seed-stage. Through the support and mentorship provided by its angel shareholders, all of whom are established businessmen and successful entrepreneurs in their own right, they aim to give aspiring entrepreneurs the best chance of success.

The GEW Bahrain Advisory Board is chaired by the Crown Prince’s Advisor for Economic and Political Affairs. The Advisory Board consists of ministers, prominent entrepreneurs, private sector leaders and heads of entrepreneurship support organizations. The Bahrain SME society and Startup Weekend Bahrain have already confirmed their events during GEW Bahrain this year with more events to come.

The Institute of Sustainable Livelihoods Leadership and Empowerment

Una May Gordon, the founder of The Institute of Sustainable Livelihoods Leadership and Empowerment, has over 35 years of experience in business development with international organizations as well as both the public and private sectors across the Caribbean. As a well-respected professional, she contributes to the advancement of gender equity, entrepreneurship and development at the national, regional and global level.


Arengufond is a public institution that aims to contribute to the economic development of Estonia. Its mission is to invest in and support innovative companies throughout the country.

Institute of Dynamic Youths of Grenada Business Hub

The Institute of Dynamic Youths of Grenada Business Hub is a youth livelihood organization, focused on helping young people in Grenada develop sustainable careers through entrepreneurship. The organization assists young people in developing the right skills and aids their professional and personal development through internships, apprenticeships, vocational training, fellowships, exchanges and cross border knowledge sharing.

National Business Center

The National Business Center (NBC) was established by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estate in 2012. The NBC was designed as a platform to develop and support Omani entrepreneurs, with the aims of providing physical facilities and value-added services, capitalizing on linkages with industrial areas and targets budding entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Innovation Sierra Leone

Francis Stevens George, the former coordinator of GEW Norway, founded Innovation Sierra Leone with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. The new GEW Sierra Leone host invests in startups, incubates startups and helps promising established companies accelerate their growth by providing a variety of business training courses. Other functions of the organization include organizing entrepreneurship competitions, policy advocacy to support entrepreneurship, and a mentor program with mentors from within and outside Sierra Leone.

IEEE Sudan Entrepreneurship Center (IEC)

The IEEE Sudan Entrepreneurship Center is the first entrepreneurship center in Sudan. The center was founded by a group of talented and aspiring Sudanese Entrepreneurs. IEEE Sudan Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) was launched in April 2013 to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among students and professionals with a main focus on the ICT sector.

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