Australian Prime Minister supports Global Entrepreneurship Week

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MEDIA RELEASE 25 October 2012 Australian Prime Minister supports Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 Prime Minister Julia Gillard has just released a statement to support Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia. Being held 12-18th November 2012, Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship. “Global Entrepreneurship Week is a fantastic initiative that brings together passionate and innovative people who bring ideas to life. It is the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators and will expose entrepreneurs to new and exciting opportunities and ways of doing business,” said Prime Minister Gillard. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Australia 2012 is set to be the largest celebration of entrepreneurship that Australia has seen at any one time. Over 8,000 people, 100 events (50 being held in November) and 30 partners will be supporting GEW Australia. Major partners include the Australian Taxation Office and Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Women in Focus, plus other reputable organisations. Led by FRANK Team, GEW Australia is a great opportunity for Australian businesses to get involved in this worldwide movement. “The goal of GEW Australia is to highlight and stamp Australian business on the global stage in a BIG way,” said FRANK Team Co-owner, Natasha Munasinghe. In support of GEW Australia, Prime Minister Gillard commented that collaboration through entrepreneurial efforts can help stimulate economic growth, create new markets and create longlasting social benefits. “Entrepreneurs not only identify new opportunities, but take advantage of them to help bring new ideas to fruition. Whether they are helping advance the technological frontier or exploring new ways to address old problems, entrepreneurs have a knack for bringing people together and exploring issues in innovative ways”, said Prime Minister Gillard. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is supported globally by President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sir Richard Branson and many other influential decision makers. GEW is currently celebrated in 127 countries. It was originally launched in 2007 by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and The Kauffman Foundation with 77 countries that wanted to actively shape the next generation of entrepreneurs and empower them to expand their economies and improve the lives of their citizens. “The Australian Government sees a bright future for the role of entrepreneurs in society…I wish all the participants at the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Australia a stimulating and enjoyable time”, said Prime Minister Gillard. One of the highlights of Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia will be the signature GEW Australia End of Year Cocktail Party being held on 15 November in Sydney. Hosted by elevents and FRANK Team; “this event is to celebrate being in business and will be a lavish Christmas party for SMEs, sole traders and entrepreneurs. Guests can party and network ‘Gangster, roaring ‘20s style’. It’s going to be a great night!”, said Elisa Limburg, Creative & Managing Director, elevents. - END - For information on GEW Australia go to: GEW Australia - or contact: Natasha Munasinghe, The FRANK Team - T: 0424 714 737 / For information on the GEW Australia End of Year Cocktail Party, go to: The Frank Team Pty Ltd | ACN 104 841 447 tel +0424 714 737 GEW Australia BACKGROUND INFORMATION Some of the key events happening during the GEW Australia: • Signature GEW Australia Gangster roaring ‘20s style Cocktail Party to celebrate being in business and to give SMEs a well-deserved Christmas Party - or • The launch of auditions for ‘Young Entrepreneur Society Land of Oz’ movie - a movie-first, featuring local Australian entrepreneurs and business leaders • 3 back to back Startup Weekends will be held in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide during GEW - these 54 hour marathons bring together start ups, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors all aiming to create and launch a product in a weekend • INNOVYZ will hold 2 business leader forums with Jana Mathews in Sydney and Melbourne • 29 schools around Australia will be launching business skills simulation learning programs for high school students in industries such as retail, hospitality, IT, small business and manufacturing – this is an initiative by Australian Business Week Other GEW initiatives include: • Launched interview series 'Story of an Entrepreneur' - to showcase Australian entrepreneurs and find out what their business journey looks like • Inviting an Australian delegation to World Entrepreneurship Congress in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 to represent Australia About FRANK Team FRANK Team is a business mentoring company which enables young business owners to grow their businesses. See more &

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